2013 In Review, What’s in store for 2014

As 2013 comes to an end and a new year is upon us, it’s time to review what happened at New Heights Digital in 2013, and what we got in store for 2014.  2014 will also be our one year anniversary of being in business.

We had several notable projects in 2013.  Some of our notable websites include Hometown Swing Co, Scrap Cars Are Us, J&G Auto Parts, and Good Guys Auto Service.   We also designed logos and graphics for several clients.

While 2013 was below expectations, we remain highly optimistic for the year ahead.  For 2014, our first plan is a website overhaul.  Our new website will be more user and mobile friendly while still maintaining a visually appealing look.  Also, we will be offering our services in packages.  By offering our services in packages, we believe it will be more appealing to people who would be interested in our services and would make it easier to give quotes.  We will have basic website packages, online and print packages, and packages which contain website, print and social media.  All of these packages still need to be finalized and will be launched as part of our website overhaul.

We have also been looking into other services to expand to.  Here are the following services we would like to get into but currently lack the resources or staffing to do so:

  • Mobile Application Development: With the number of smartphones increasing, the market for mobile applications is increasing.  While we would like to expand into this market, we lack the tools, software and staffing needed to do so.
  • Video Game Design: With the increasing number of independent (“indie”) games on the market, there is more demand for these type of games.  The market is also changing in favor of indie developers with platforms such as Steam on the PC and Sony’s PlayStation 4 welcoming and encouraging indie developers.  Indie games differ from games developed by a major developer mainly because they are cheaper to produce, developed by smaller teams, and usually sell for cheaper than a retail game.  In order for us to go into this service, we would most likely need to use a crowd funding service to raise funds.


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