About The Company

About Us

New Heights Digital is a Northeast Ohio based web and graphic design company. We specialize in making websites, creating promotional materials and editing videos. We strive to give you the best possible website service at the lowest price. New Heights Digital was founded in 2012. Since then we have worked with several great clients. Recently our services have just expanded to include promotional materials. We are still looking into many more possiblities for the future. When you choose New Heights Digital, you will get the best service at the best price.

Why Choose New Heights Digital?

Don’t be fooled by advertisements for website building tools that are very cheap. Most of those don’t offer many customization options and aren’t very reliable. When you choose New Heights Digital for your website or promotional needs, you will get professional web design service at an affordable price. When you choose us, you will get a service from a professional with many years of experience in the industry as well as a college education within the field. In addition to our professional web design service, you will also get exceptional customer service. We will answer questions honestly and in a timely manner. If there is ever anything unsatisfactory about the service you receive, we will make it right.

Our Mission

At New Heights Digital, we strivve to give you the best service at the best possible price. Our low-cost services in Web Design, Graphic Design, Video Services and Social Media will take your business or services to new heights. All of our services are backed with a satisfaction gurantee. At New Heights Digital, we always get your approval before you pay.