Factors That Can Negatively Impact Search Engine Rankings

Every site owner wants their website to come up when a user types a specific search string into a search engine.   But there are many factors that can cause your site to be blacklisted by search engines, or it can rank lower than you want it to.  Below are some factors that can negatively impact your rankings on search engines.

  • Copying too much content from other websites: If you see a website for a business similar to yours and it describes your business spot-on, your first thought may be to copy the content from that site and put it on your own website.  Search engines can detect that you copied that content and may blacklist your site.  If you want your website to be like another website, please change the content and put it into your own words.  This is also plagiarism and can get you into legal trouble.
  • Using your target keyword too much: If there is a specific keyword that you want as the main word that people search for, be careful not to use it too much.  Using a particular keyword too much will result in penalties from search engines.  An optimal keyword density should be around 5-7% of the total words in the page.  If your keyword is used more than 10%, search engines will penalize your site and rank it lower.
  • Site load times:  If you want your site to be innovative and have all the latest cool stuff on it, that can increase your load times.  Not only is this bad for search engines, many people don’t want to wait for your site to load.
  • Too much Flash content:  If you want to make your website with Flash content, be careful.  Search engines can’t read Flash content.  If your site is made entirely of Flash, none of the content will be readable by search engines.

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