Graphic Design & Print

Professional Graphic Design & Promotional Services

New Heights Digital professional graphic design and promotional services will help you get the word out about your business.  Below are a list of services we offer to help promote your business.

Graphics for Website

If you want any custom images put on your website, we can help you out with that. We can add your logos, custom text, or anything you want in your custom images.

Logo Design

If you want a custom logo to represent your business we can help you out with that.  We will work closely with you to ensure that our logo is exactly what you want.  We use professional design tools to get the job done.  Click here to view samples of logos we created.

Facebook Cover Photos

Facebook Cover Photos are the top banner that goes on your Facebook Page. Having a good cover photo on your page is important as it is the first thing that catches the users eye. We can design a good cover photo that will catch viewers eyes. Lacking a cover photo can give users the impression that you either don’t take care of your facebook page, don’t know how to run a Facebook, or both which can lead a user away from the page. If a page looks maintained, a user is more likely to click the “like” button and become a follower of your page.

Promotional Flyers & Brochures

Many businesses use promotional flyers as a way to attract business. You can hand them out, hang them up on a bulletin board, and more. We can design professional flyers at a reasonable price.

Business Cards

Get business cards that make a lasting impression with everyone you meet. We can design and print professional business cards to give your contact information to everyone you meet.


Promote your business year-round with customized calendars. Wall, desk, magnetic, pocket and poster calendars are available. All with your own customized content.


Send promotional postcards to your customers and clients. With postcards you can promote special offers, send reminders, and more.

Contact Us today for professional graphic design services at a a reasonable price.