How To Keep Visitors On Your Website

When coming up with ideas for your website, it is important to keep visitors and your target audience in mind.  That means designing your site in a way that would be easiest for them to use.  This doesn’t mean to make your website as basic as possible.  You can still be creative, just keep your audience in mind.  If you’re making your website for anyone, such as a business website, keep everyone in mind.  Not everyone is very computer literate or has a fast connection. Below are some tips to keep visitors on your site.

  • Make sure your site is easy to navigate: Nothing is more frustrating to a site visitor than being unable to navigate it.  The best way to ensure easy navigation is to include buttons or links on the top of your site under the logo or off to the side.  If you have multiple pages under the same category, you can put in a drop-down menu.
  • Keep your load times down: Don’t get too heavy on images, videos or Flash content.  That just adds to your load times.  When your site takes too long to load, visitors may get frustrated and possibly leave.  Even though there may be faster internet speeds, data intensive content can still take a while to load.  Believe it or not, there are still dial-up users today.
  • Put highly informative content in your website: Your website is used to keep visitors informed.  Put unique content in your site and inform visitors what your offering early in the site such as on your homepage.  If your homepage grabs visitors attention, they will likely visit the other pages.
  • Don’t make your site too wide: It’s OK if users have to scroll up and down, but scrolling left and right in addition to up and down will get very annoying.  Keep your width to around 1000 pixels wide.     There is still a good percentage of people using non-widescreen computer displays.  Another way to get around this is to use a responsive design that will adjust the site according to the users computer display.
  • Proofread your site: Make sure your site is free of spelling and grammar errors.  Nothing makes a site look more unprofessional than poorly written content.  If your content contains too many spelling and grammar errors, users will begin to question your credibility.
If you are thinking about building a website, please keep visitors in mind.  You want your website to give visitors the best first impression.  To get a website built professionally, please contact New Heights Digital for a free quote.
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