Social Media Services

A social media presence is not a substitute for a website, but an important companion. Social Networking sites include Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube, and more.  At New Heights Digital, we offer social media services to help you get started on Social Networking.

Benefits of a Social Media presence:

  • Improved customer interaction.
  • Ability to inform customers in short, informative posts.
  • Ability for followers to re-post your posts to their own profile, therefore increasing your outreach.


Most social networks allow you to embed your stream into your website and they are able to follow you from clicking a button on your website. When you choose our social media services, we will set you up with one or more of the services below, depending on which you choose.

Social Media Sites


Facebook: Facebook is a very popular social networking site, recently reaching a milestone of one billion users. Since facebook has started, it has expanded beyond personal pages and now allows businesses to create pages. Users can now become fans of your business by clicking the “like” button on your page. When a user follows your page, any posts from your business will now be on their Facebook home page when they log in. If a user finds your post interesting and informative, they can share it with their friends and it will appear on their friends home page. With over 1 billion facebook users, your potential outreach is virtually unlimited.

Twitter is a social networking site that allows you to make short posts known as “tweets”. Posts are limited to 140 characters, but it allows you to make your posts highly informative and if a user likes your tweet they can re-weet it and it will be shown to all of their followers. Twitter is also a large network with an unlimited potential outreach. Many major businesses are on Twitter as well as high-profile celebrities. Twitter also allows you to tag certain keywords with a hashtag. A hastag is a #(pound) symbol followed by a keyword, for example #Sale. If you use a hashtag, it will show up on searches to Twitter users who search for that keyword.

Google Plus:
 Google Plus is a newer social network from Google. It has many similarities to Facebook. Rather than be googleplus“friends” with other users, you can odd other people or businesses to your “circles” which is basically their term for network. Google Plus also allows you to do “hangouts” which is like a chat room, but also supports video chat. If you like anything from a particular user, you can “+1” it. While not as popular as Facebook or Twitter, Google+ still has a significant outreach. In addition to being a social network, Google Plus can help with search results on Google.


YouTube: YouTube is a site which allows you to upload and share videos. YouTube has exploded in popularity since it youtubelaunched several years ago and was then purchased by Google. YouTube has made video sharing on the internet very easy and hassle free. When you put your videos on YouTube, your audience for the video increases exponentially. YouTube also allows you to embed your videos in your own website. And users can subscribe to your channel which will alert them when you add a new video.

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