The power of the #hashtag

If you’re an active social media user, you’ve probably seen hashtags.  Hashtags are words or phrases that follows a #.  When a large number of users post that hashtag, a user can click it and see others that used it.  If it’s a popular topic, posting that hashtag can open you up to a high number of views.

At first, I thought hashtags were tacky (insert Weird Al reference here).  They were all over TV shows, print media and social media.  But after seeing the positives of them, I think they are good for increased outreach.  A recent example of positive hashtag use was observed last weekend on our own Facebook page.  Last weekend, we had the privilege of attending the christening of Wingfoot One, Goodyear’s newest blimp.  They told everyone to use the hashtag #WelcomeWingfootOne on social media.  When we used it on our page, our views increased by 2000%!  Yes, that is two thousand percent, not a typo.  If you want to maintain a good social following, hashtags will help you build an audience if you are talking about a popular topic.

If you are looking for ways to increase your social following, throw in some hashtags.  But don’t overdo it.  Be sure that the hashtags you use are for a relevant topic that is popular.  Making up your own doesn’t really help you, it just makes your post look tacky and not well written.  Good examples of a helpful hashtag are a popular news story or if the particular day of your post is of any significance.

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