Use responsive web design instead of separate mobile site

With mobile web users increasing, making your website visible and readable to those users is important.  Many websites still use a separate mobile site for those users.  That method is becoming outdated.  Responsive web design is the way to go today.

Responsive web design makes your website look great across all different types of devices such as computers, phones or tablets.  With a responsive design, all users no matter what type of device they are using, will all see the same content.  Some mobile sites may have reduced content, while responsive design will be the same across the board.  All the content of your website should be available to all users of the site. With some style tweaking, your site will be readable and look great.

Another plus of using a responsive design is that it can help with SEO.  Normally a mobile site, would be housed on a subdomain which search engines would index that in addition to the desktop site.  With only 1 site to index, your website becomes more SEO friendly.

At New Heights Digital, all of our websites are built using responsive web design.  We will make your website accessible to everyone whether they are at home on their computer, on the go with the phones, or just using their tablets.  Contact us today to get started.

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