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Professional Web Design

Having a website is vital in this day and age to keep your business going. At New Heights Digital, we offer professional web design services to help your business or organization stand out.  Statistics have shown that people now research companies and products online before making a decision on which business to choose or which product to buy. Very few people use the Yellow Pages nowadays when searching for businesses. Your website will be tailored to your specific needs. We can build you just a basic normal website or we can build it with a Content Management System such as WordPress.  With our our budget and premium web design services, we can build you a website to fit your budget.   Whether you are a startup or been in business for years, we can build a website that suits your needs.  We use the latest web design technologies such as HTML 5 and responsive web design.  Below are web design packages, you can choose one to suit your needs.

Basic Website Package

A basic website with 1-2 pages that will give you an online presence.  This package also includes a domain name and hosting.

Standard Website Package

This package contains a basic 3-7 page website that will increase your online presence and give basic information about your business or service.   This package typically contains a home page with basic information, an about us page, a contact us page and other pages with information relating to your business or service.  Also includes domain and hosting.

Advanced Website Package

This package contains up to 7 or more pages that includes information about your business.  Also includes domain and hosting.

Standard E-Commerce Package

If you would like to sell products on your website but are on a limited budget, this package may suit your needs.  This package will contain budget e-commerce software and all checkout transactions will be handled externally through PayPal, where users can enter their credit card if they don’t use PayPal.  Also includes domain and hosting.

Premium E-Commerce Package

This package includes premium e-commerce software and an SSL certificate to allow all checkout transactions to be handled directly on your website.  Also includes domain and hosting.

Budget Website Design

We offer budget website design with any of the packages above.  If you are time or budget constrained for your website, we will build a website for you using pre-made templates.  Using templates allow us to save time and help keep the budget down.

Premium Website Design

We offer premium web design with any of the packages above.  With premium web design, we will build a custom website from the ground up just for you.  If you want a great website with a bigger budget, premium design is for you.

All of our professional web design services include:

  • Email Addresses for your domain name.
  • Low monthly web hosting fees (if you choose to do your hosting through us).
  • Search Engine Optimization to get your website to appear higher in search results.
  • 99.9% Guaranteed Uptime!

Optional services for your website:

  • Content Management System(CMS). This feature will allow you to go into your website and make minor changes. Recommended if your website will be frequently updated. One example of a CMS is WordPress.
  • Monthly analytic reports.
  • Shopping Cart to sell your products on your website.
  • Social Networking pages. You can also get a Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ page to go along with your website.
  • Advertising Campaigns on Google AdWords.
  • Adding your business to Google Maps.

Optional features will incur additional charges.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is the process of adding enhancements to your websites to allow it to be more visible to search engines. This process includes adding keywords and a description to your website. All of which are not visible to your website visitors. We will also add Analytical tracking data to your site which will help us find out how people are getting to your site and what keywords they use to land on your site from a search engine. With all of that, we will be able to get your website more visible to search engine users. Best of all, SEO is automatically included with all of our professional web design services. We also offer optional advertising campaigns with Google Adwords.

Keep in mind that Search Engine results don’t happen overnight. It can take a little time, so patience is key. After we first launch your site, it is up to you to promote it. Since we have no control over the search engines we can not guarantee a #1 spot or a first page result. There are many factors that influence search engine rankings such as how popular your site is, how much competition you have, and how long your site has been online. This is the reason we don’t charge extra for basic Search Engine Optimization. If anybody makes a guarantee of a #1 or first page result, they are just trying to take your money.

Contact Us today to get started.  Our professional web design will get your business or organization to stand out.